UDrupal updated to Drupal 6.30

UDrupal updated to Drupal 6.30

UDrupal was updated to Drupal 6.30, a security release. This version fixes a vulnerability in the OpenID module.

UDrupal updated to Drupal 6.29

UDrupal Updated to Drupal 6.29

UDrupal was updated to Drupal 6.29 yesterday to address security issues identified in SA-CORE-2013-003.

The Globalredirect module was also updated.

Site admins should verify their sites and check the "Status report" menu option for any new messages.

UDrupal updated to Drupal 6.28

UDrupal Updated to Drupal 6.28

UDrupal was updated to Drupal 6.28.

UDrupal 1.0.1

UDrupal 1.0.1

UDrupal 1.0.1 has been installed on drupal-prd and drupal-dev

Core Changes:

  • User-supplied PHP has been disabled in modules

Updated Non-Core Modules:

  • views
  • video_filter
  • imagefield
  • google_analytics
  • filefield


  • no changes


Actions, Triggers, and Workflow can be used together to control custom business logic and document workflows.

  • Actions and Triggers are core
  • Workflow is a contrib module

About Workflow

Useful permissions modules

  • TAC lite
  • ACL - access control list
  • Book Access - access on a per book basis
  • Content Acces (requires ACL)
  • Private
  • Organic Groups
  • Node access (the module)
  • Image Gallery Access (requirew Image module)
  • Forum Access - privat forums

NOTE - decide on strategy...then decide what is needed.  Conflicts can occur with using more than one of the above.

Create Content

Dealing with Front page....

A page can be selected as the "home" or front page by visiting the Site Information page under Administration and specifying the page.

If this is set (eg. not using /node), "promote to sticky" does not get used as a selection on each node's settings.


Drupal Overhead

Drupal does have a lot of overhead....Caching is a good consideration!!

  • Drupal default caching
  • page caching (enabling)
  • memcacheD
  • Cache Router
  • Xcache
  • apc
  • eaccelerator

For apache, investigate the max memory and try to set the limits to that.

Other places using Drupal





UD Drupal update

Drupal is coming to UD!!

University of Delaware IT staff are quickly ramping up on Drupal, a content management system.  We are currently working on system architecture, system workflow and user access.  In addition, there is a breadth of support IT expects to provide the UD user community.

UD IT-hosted Drupal development services will become available at the beginning of Spring 2009.

Tune in for more...

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